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Thunderbird Headdress SOLD
The grand opening Potlatch of the new Big House in Alert Bay took place May 17th, 1999. It was on this occasion that Donny Alfred had the honour of dancing Vincent Shaughnessy's Thunderbird headdress before the tribal chiefs. Vincent Shaughnessy was a major contributor to the rebuilding of the Big House, having a hand in carving many of the totem poles. We are proud to feature this fine Kwakiutl piece which has been a participant in the sacred potlatch ceremony.
Thunderbird Headdress
Title Thunderbird Headdress
Style of Piece Kwakiutl
Artist Vincent Shaugnessy
Tribal Affiliation Kwakiutl
Materials Used Red Cedar, Cedar Bark, Paint,Screws, Nylon Twine.
Height 41" (104cm)
Width 14"(35.5cm)
Length 41" (104cm)
Price (CDN) $5,000
Price (US) $3,410 (approx)
Beak of the Thunderbird Headdress

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